Change Tools

Here is how you can manage your change:

  1. Assess the need for change i.e. the ‘ see Why‘ for change
  2. Define your change including ‘ W ho and ‘ What‘ needs to change
  3. Define the current situation and the organisation or environment’s readiness in relation to the change
  4. Design the new desired state and what success will look like
  5. Design a strategy and  a change management plan which will cover the ‘How‘ and ‘When‘ to change
  6. Find tools and resources to support your change
  7. Implement the plan and monitor its success
  8. Manage impact, risks and issues and the learning curve
  9. Achieve new desired state and measure ‘Success’
  10. Celebrate and sustain the change

Above is a simple 10-step approach. The steps are supported by strategies tools, techniques. Feel free to ask for details. We have a repository of tools and techniques that work for both personal and organizational changes

Make Successful and Lasting Changes