Success, Fulfillment and Happiness in your Business

The power of focusing on a clear vision that is aligned with purpose and values, supported by a massive action plan, leads to higher achievement and greater success. And once the vision is achieved it should lead to more fulfillment and happiness. The next thing is to celebrate success and start paying it forward by sharing your knowledge, skills and wealth with others.

Here is a video by Tony Robbins on How to Focus on what you want

Here is our interpretation of how Tony’s three points could help business owners. we have added our own experience as well.

  1. Have a Clear and Compelling Vision 

All businesses have a vision for success although the clarity may vary. Clear vision and purpose drive the business and energize the owners and the employees.

Our passion, purpose, values, beliefs and attitude drive us in life. Same is true in our business. The more we stay focused on the big picture, more we stay in control, feel energetic and happier.

As leaders we need to share this vision with our people by translating it into why they should care about it i.e. everyone understands ‘what’s in it for me’ (WIIFM).

There are innovative and highly effective ways that we can share with you on how to create and document clear and compelling vision, purpose, mission, values statements that can become part of your communication and marketing with you clients, suppliers, employees and others who provide services to you. Those innovative ways work better and faster.

  1.úsica-pablo-vita-com-anita Get the best Tools and Resources to achieve your vision

There are tools that help us to manage our processes and projects efficiently and effectively and achieve desired results and outcomes. Project management and change management strategies, processes, tools, techniques help everyone to stay connected with their role in the big picture and the plan, have better communications and reduce conflicts, risks and issues.

There are tried and tested process, project and change management tools and techniques we will share with you on our website from time to time to further strengthen your ability to run your projects and your day-today business even more smoothly and better manage people and their expectations.

  1. Manage Conflicts 

But day-to-day things, especially ones we have no control over, distract us and take our focus away, drain our energy and make us feel unhappy. Your colleagues, customers, suppliers may sometimes violate your trust and do not meet your expectations.

Often these situations arise as a consequence of some things that were not done at the beginning such as clearly communicated and understood process, plan, expectations, roles, responsibilities, dependencies, timelines, results and outcomes. What also helps is to identify and mitigate risks and possible issues so there are few (ideally no) surprises later. It is a good practice to document lessons learned, best practices, known risks and issues at the end of each project that helps to better manage the next one.

A life and business coach can help you to achieve better results, resolve problems and conflicts and gain critical life skills to lead a happier life.

Do let us know if I we help you with any challenges. We will share the tools mentioned in this article on the website. Look out in the Change Tools section. Links to some tools are already there.

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