You may already be familiar with SMART goals. Here is how to make them even SMARTER.

  • Tadalafil Oral Strips S Specific, Stated Positively,  aligned with personal values, the purpose and why you want to achieve this goal is clear
  • M Measurable, Meaningful. You will see, hear and feel. What will others say?
  • go site A Achievable, In your control, stated in present tense as if you have it now. Written as it you are there at that time in future.
  • R Realistic, have the Resources, Your goal and the plan are  Flexible
  • T Time-bound, Based on a clear phased plan. What is your first step?
  • E Ecological – maintains current positives that you have now and the consequences are clear.
  • R Recorded & Reviewed regularly; asking for feedback from  supporters and your coach

To elaborate on the above and to help you achieve your SMARTER goals, you need to be able to answer these questions:

1.WHAT DO YOU WANT? State positively. Is it for you? and not to please someone else? WHY do you want to achieve it? What personal values will it satisfy? Will it violate any personal values and is it still worth it?

2.BE SPECIFIC  – What exactly do you want? when, where, with whom? Do you have a role model?  What strategy are you going to follow

3.HOW WILL YOU KNOW YOU HAVE GOT IT? What will you see, hear, feel? What hear other say?  What evidence you will have to prove to yourself and others, if needed, to show you have achieved your goal. Who will provide feedback? Do you have a coach? 

4.WHAT RESOURCES DO YOU HAVE/WILL NEED? Are they in your control? Physical, financial, emotional, environmental as much as possible. If not then they can be your step-goals towards your end-goal.  So set the step-goals on your journey to the end-goal. 

5.IS OUTCOME WITHIN YOUR CONTROL? Can you achieve it yourself? Or there are things others have to do that you have little or no control over?  

6.ECOLOGY CHECK – Consider the context. What are the consequences? How will it fit in or affect other areas of your life or others around you? What will you gain and what current benefits you will you lose? 

7.WHAT ACTIONS DO YOU NEED TO TAKE TO ACHIEVE THIS OUTCOME? Do you have a practical, achievable plan with clear steps?

8.DEFINE THE FIRST STEP – What will be your first step? When exactly will you take that? 

If you need some coaching on how to achieve SMARTER goals please send an email to I am a trained Life Coach and can help.  A coach, unlike friends and family, is not involved in your like and will follow a standard coaching process and techniques to help you achieve your goals successfully.

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