Middle East Leadership Style that works

http://donnaerickson.com/donna/creativefun/activities/gelatinplastic.shtml/?paged=4 The Hay Group’s study that shows the gap between employees’ ideal working climate and the climate they are actually experiencing day to day reveals:

  • Creating a motivating climate at work can add as much as 30 % to a company’s bottom line
  • Over 85 % of Middle Eastern leaders who create a high performance climate flex their leadership style for different situations
  • 62 per cent of leaders in the region are creating a demotivating climate for employees

buy Misoprostol online without a prescription The report highlights the issue that in general Middle Eastern leaders are not creating the best climate for success. There is over reliance on a command and control leadership style with 70 % of Middle Eastern leaders using this as a dominant style.

buy generic isotretinoin no prescription Hay Group has identified the six leadership styles that have the biggest impact on team climate – Coercive, Authoritative, Affiliative, Democratic, Pacesetting and Coaching.

One interesting fact the study reveals is that the authoritative leadership style greatly increases the likelihood of creating a motivating climate and consequently high performance in organisations in the Middle East.

Read more: https://www.haygroup.com/uae/Press/Details.aspx?ID=15095

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