How to be an ‘Unshakeable’ Investor

Tony Robbins’ new book ‘Unshakable’ contains excellent advice, in today’s uncertain world, based on the experiences of billionaire investment experts like Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio and the likes. 

Even with all the click here risks and uncertainty there are patterns in the market that are repeated, some like seasons are repeated every year. 

It pays to know cytotec for sale without prescription who to trust when investing, how various investments work and what the hidden costs are as they can eat into your profits such as taxation. 

cytotec in usa Retirement plans and pensions may also be riddled with high fees and suffer from low performance. 

The main advice is that billionaires do not take huge risks for high returns but follow four core principles:

  1. Do not lose money – prevent losses, know the risks and the downside and cover that. 
  2. Risks and rewards – only invest where rewards outweigh all the risks by a huge margin. More risks for higher returns is a myth.
  3. Tax efficiency – taxes can eat into your profits. So look at the net profit. 
  4. Diversification – allocate assets in a diversified manner rather than putting all eggs in one basket. 

Don’t let your fears prevent you from taking action. Waiting to be certain costs us dearly. Even taking no action has its own costs and risks. So do your research, educate yourself, do you numbers and then take action. Your decisions and actions are the steps on your journey to financial freedom. 

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