CCMP Exam Preparation Plan

If you are planning to take the Certified Change Management Professionals (CCMP) exam  then here is a plan you might want to consider.

  1. Visit Association of Change Management Practitioners (ACMP)’s website and visit the CCMP exam link
  2. Register to take the exam by visiting to register as a CCMP applicant.                                                                                                   Then click on
  3. Next click on Register as a CCMP Applicant It takes a few days for the application to be reviewed and approved. There are Education, Experience and Training requirements (details on the registration page)
  4. Download buy Seroquel with mastercard The Standard from Most of the Exam is based on this document.
  5. Download the see Code of Ethics from  Some exam questions are based on this document.
  6. All steps to from Checking Eligibility to receiving the Certificate are covered on
  7. Links to the sample exam questions and flash cards are also on the above webpage
  8. Exam questions are based on knowledge and application of what is contained in The Standard and Code of Ethics as well as the candidate’s practical experience in Change Management.
  9. There are 150 MCQs to answer in 180 minutes. Questions can be marked for review and its a good technique to spend to mark a difficult question for later review and move on. Later all questions marked for review can be seen listed on one page where they can be selected from to answer.
  10. The results are not displayed on the screen but takes around a month to receive the results.

If you need advice or coaching on how to pass the exam please contact us.

Good luck!

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